Philotimo - "that deep-seated awareness in the heart that motivates the good that a person does. He who conceives and enacts eagerly those things good." 
-Elder Paisiou

To bring hope and inspiration to those who face or have a loved one facing mental illness and addiction. To bring understanding to a world in need of it, by humanizing these illnesses. We are founded on the Greek principle of Philotimo, a word that can be understood but is difficult to define. It is this call to humanity that guides our work of advocacy.

Our Story

Mission statement



Our outreach consists of visual media, audio media, and live presentation. A documentary film on the advocacy work of Jason DeShaw and an audio program of his presentation help to reach people in their solitariness. A podcast is coming soon featuring interviews with leaders in the mental health and addiction world.

Jason DeShaw is a national award-winning mental health speaker and musical performer who has faced mental illness and addiction. His presentation Serenity in the Storm combines his message of hope and recovery with music he has written throughout the highs and lows of his experience. He has spoke and sang across North America and Europe, and his spirited work is profound.

Kevin Wysocki and Jason DeShaw met in hot water, literally. While at a hot springs in western Montana, the two men met and forged a common bond. Kevin founded Realize Hope to support mental health advocacy and  make a difference in a world of need.