To bring hope and inspiration to those who face or have a loved one facing mental illness and addiction. To humanize these illnesses and replace fear with understanding. Our world needs hope, and we're here to help bring it.

We are guided by the Greek principle of Philotimo, a word that can be understood but difficult to define. It can mean honor, kindness, and altruistic deeds for ones fellow human. It is this call to humanity that guides our work of advocacy.​ To learn more about what philotimo means, watch this video.

​Our primary focus is advocating for mental health and addiction recovery through live-presentation and media. Mental illness and addiction along with the stigma/discrimination that accompanies them, provide the learning ground for compassion.

Kindness comes at the heels of understanding. This is a movement in which we are part of something greater than ourselves, as we begin again to choose love over fear.

Our Story

Mission statement


Kevin Wysocki and Jason DeShaw met in hot water, literally. At a hot springs in western Montana, the two met and forged a common bond. Kevin and an inspired group of individuals founded Realize Hope to promote the importance of the human connection and empower others to shine.