Advocacy Work

We believe in striving to make the human connection, and so we support the work of those who do. People need to know they are not alone with mental illness and addiction. By talking openly about mental illness and addiction, we dismantle stigma and find hope. We are proud to support the inspiring work of Realize Hope ambassador, Jason DeShaw

Born and raised in Montana, Jason DeShaw is a national award-winning mental health activist and musician. He has recorded six albums, toured seven countries, and sang at just about every county fair. Behind the scenes, Jason nearly lost his life to mental illness and addiction and is living proof that hope is worth believing in.

Jason's presentation, Serenity in the Storm, combines original music with a message of hope. University research concluded that his high school presentations significantly reduced stigma and increased students' willingness to ask for help. His journey to help others has taken him to schools, communities, and psychiatric hospitals across the nation. He received the Champions Award in Washington D.C. from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for “exhibiting courage, leadership and service on behalf of all people living with mental illness.”

​Watch the short documentary about Jason, They Call Me Crazy, to learn more about his story.